Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Venahafoch Hu

By Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz

Adar, month of happiness
Joyous celebration
For Jews the world over
Time of salvation

Adar turned to ashes
Tragedy grief
Wailing, mourning
Beyond belief

Young and old
Pulled from our midst
Gone without warning
So painfully missed

Shabbos we will layn
Vayehi bayom Hashemini,
G-d’s happiest day
Since creation.

Death and confusion
In the holy Mishkon
Divine retribution

The shechinah finally found
A place to rest
The light of sheishes yemei Bereishis
Found a home

Vayidom Aharon.

The happiest
Most promising
Saw Aharon’s two sons
Snatched away

In our times too
Sudden loss
A baal tzedaka
A marbitz Torah
Gone in a flash

Aich noflu giborim!

Yom Kippurim
Deepest joy
Bubbling forth
Boundless simcha
Ahd delo yodah

And then it’s over
Festivities end
Gone from our lives
Hashem’s true friends
Reality crashes in
Uprooting joy
Leaving hearts
Broken and raw

Who can grasp
Who can know
Who can absorb
The staggering blow
Human reason
Reeling in shock
Crying, denying
It can’t be so

Forever after
Purim linked
With memories of disaster
Bitter grief
Greatness cut down
In the prime of life
Beloved friends
Till the end of time

Hu asher diber
B’krovai ekodeish.

Vayidom Aharon.

We shuffle our feet
Continue on
With our service
Crying inside
But outwardly still
Dying inside
Rallying our will

Death at our doorstep
Lurking at night
Sparing no one
Prepared to strike

Ohr zaruah latzadik
U’liyishrei leiv simcha.

Don’t look back
Don’t question His ways
Increase the sunshine
By spreading its rays
Gladdening hearts
Lifting spirits
Spreading truth
Expanding limits

Help the downtrodden
The poor and alone
Widows and orphans
Sick and broken

Live each day
As if it’s your last.
Anger and pettiness
A thing of the past

Prepare the world
For the coming of

Then the great light
Of creation will shine
Of sadness disease
And death
No sign

Prepare the world
For the coming of

Be ready to take on
Injustice and evil
Bow not to convenience
Nor judge other people

Bring happiness to others
Expanding your love
Follow the example
Of the one Above

Lets do it

Remember how simcha
Is contagious
Banishing sadness
Without a trace

One Jew
Another Jew
And another will follow
Until we reach
A special tomorrow
The world will become
At journey’s end
Molei deah es Hashem

With the coming of Moshiach
May it be soon
The real
And permanent
Venahafoch hu


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